Event Video's

Hindi Activity


Students from grade 6 made a paper boat and recited a Hindi poem based on boat itself. Students really enjoyed this, since it helps the student to grasp the content in a quicker way with more ease..

Science Activity (Grade 1)


Students from grade 1 displayed different art-work depicting nature and singing rhymes based on it.

Singing Urdu Rhymes (Grade 1)


Students from grade 1 singing rhymes in Urdu..

Tamil quotes by Students


Students from grade 1 saying quotes in Tamil..

Urdu Rhymes by Students


Students singing rhymes in Urdu..

Social Science Activity (Grade 1)


Students from grade 1 displaying different placards about fundamental rights and explaining it..

Speech Competition (English Week)


Student from grade 6 participated in Speech competition and spoke on the  topic "My country" as a part of English week. She expressed her speech  in a very enthusiastic way..