Event Details

Parent Orientation Program

  • 07 July 2018

Parent Orientation Program held today at WPIS exclusively for Kindergarten to Primary children's parents. This program was completely organised and hosted by our primary teachers (Mrs. Reshma, Ms. Priskilal, Ms. Ayesha. P and Ms. Meenakshi). The main motive of our program was to clarify the doubts and confusions which parents are facing currently to guide their children as the Chrysalis textbooks has lot of new improvements made in order to develop child's human potential. Mr. Pervaze, President of WPIS and Mr. Vaseem, Correspondent of WPPS were the guest of the program.

The facilitators covered various topics like teaching methodology, Thinkroom management, Domains of learning, Facets of thinking, Assessments, Question paper, Project Time, Buzzle App etc., It was a complete interactive session with parents and clarified all the doubts and the difficulties faced by the parents while guiding children to do homefun, projects etc., Few ice-breaking activities were done with parents to make them understand that every child is unique. We just have to be guider, not a commander and must give them the right time and space for experiential learning which will make them achieve all the four domains cognitive, social, emotional and meta-cognitive skills.