Nutritious and sumptuous food is very much essential during growing years. We believe in the proverb “A sound mind exist in a sound body”.

Everyday, children are provided with a healthy snack in the mid morning. In the afternoon, sumptuous and nutritious lunch is arranged in the dining hall. Lunch is an optional facility. Parents who want to avail this facility can acquire this by paying food fee.


ATTENDANCE POLICY Daily attendance is a condition for fulfilling the requirements of the academic program. 75% attendance is a prerequisite for promotion to the next grade level. The school reserves the right to promote & detain a student.


. To safeguard the welfare of the students.

  • To introduce statutory requirements.
  • To maintain health and safety of students
  • To implement school educational needs.
  • To implement community awareness.
  • Facilitate the general curriculum.
  • Program the school curriculum.
  • School Parent Teacher’s Meet (PTM)
  • Sports, healthy lifestyle

• Plans to benefit staffs